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Do You Know Your Movies? Showcase your memory retention abilities & Movie Mastery by scoring the highest point...


Time Spent:

🎯 Your Point: 0

❤️ Guesses Remaining: 20

🏆 High Score: 0


The goal is to score the highest point by correctly guessing the title of each movie in the carousel cards. You have 20 chances and each correct guess gives you 1 point while each wrong guess removes 1 point from your total points. Beat the previous highscore to win the game.
  • Tap or hover over a movie image card to display the title options.
  • Choose the correct name for the movie displayed in the card.
  • Navigate to the next card and repeat the same process until all 20 cards are completed.
  • You can view the full width movie image by clicking the icon.
  • Click the Reset Game button to reset the game if any of the cards show blank options or to start a new game.
  • Note: A previous highscore will always remain regardless of if you start a new game, until a new record high score is gotten or the browser is changed.